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Texas Lomanto, 2017


Texas Lomanto is a lost Texas hybrid developed by TV Munson in the 1900s. This grape provides deep cherry overtones and pairs well with pasta and cheese. Lomanto is unique to Texas with very limited production and can only be shipped within the state of Texas.

Rose Trio, 2013


This Texas Red Blend is made from three different Texas grapes from Sprayberry Vineyards in Midland, Texas.    A semi-sweet wine, it is pressed off the skins before fermentation and imparts flowery overtones.

Tempranillo, 2017


Our Tempranillo is deep, drier than most, and has a subtle smokey scent.  It is smooth with a nice finish.  Tempranillo pairs well with lamb, pork or beef.

Texas Red Blend,  2017


Our red blends are based on a combination of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Lomanto, and Black Spanish. These blends are well balanced, yet full bodied and provide a complex variety of flavors. Aged in American and French oak barrels for more than a year our Texas Red Blend pairs well with beef and pork.

Blanc Du Bois, 2017


Blanc du Bois is a white American hybrid developed in the 1960s. This wine is bright, dry and crisp.  It is refreshingly fruit forward with overtones similar to a Pinot Grigio and distinct melon and citrus flavors. Blanc Du Bois goes great with brie.