Our Services

We offer vineyard installation,  vineyard management, and vineyard production for hobby and commercial growers.  We also have a vine club, where we will provide everything you need to make your own case of wine annually.

Vineyard Design and Installation – We will meet with you to discuss your dreams and the design of your personal vineyard.  While onsite, our experts will take a soil sample to determine the best grapes for your area and what soil amendments you may need.  When we have determined the best location and grape varietal for your property, we will schedule to install the vineyard.

For vineyards less than 100 vines, the cost is  $150 per vine, which includes trellising, drip irrigation and fumigation to each vine. Once established, a 10-vine vineyard can produce about 20-30 bottles of wine annually.  For vineyards with more than 100 vines, the cost per vine is just $75.

For vineyards 1 acre to 100 acres, call for specialized pricing.

Vineyard Maintenance – At the installation of your vineyard, we will teach you how to maintain your vineyard on your own. However, should you prefer we do all the work; we offer vineyard maintenance services.

Vineyard Production – Install a vineyard on your property and we will buy back the grapes from you at harvest.  Or, should you want to make your own personal wine, we can teach you how.  We can provide the equipment, expertise and facilities so that you can harvest, de-stem, crush your grapes and learn how to make your own private label wine.

Vine Club – With your vineyard installation, you receive a free 1-year membership ($150 value) into our vine club where we will give you everything you need to make your own case of wine — either at home or at our Rockwall facility.

For interested vineyard enthusiasts, we offer vineyard installation information, tours and tastings each Saturday from May through July at our Rockwall location from 11 a.m to noon. However, you must call Roe Ann at 469.619.7670 to schedule as seating is limited.

What makes us unique:

  1. We can install small personal backyard vineyards as few as 10 vines, or large commercial vineyards of 90 acres.
  2. We buy back your grapes if you don’t want to make your own wine. If you want a cash crop, grape vines are a great investment. Call for details.
  3. We teach you! You can also use our facilities to de-stem, crush and make your own wine!  We will help guide you through the entire process.
  4. We are family owned.